Bihar UG New Syllabus, Semester 1 to 8 (4 years Course BA, BSC, BCOM), CBCS Course all Subject syllabus Download [PDF]

After taking admission in any university of Bihar for 4 years graduation course like BA, B.Sc or B.Com, you must download the syllabus of all semesters and read it one by one. You will get the link to download the syllabus from semester 1 to semester 8 in this article.

Bihar UG new syllabus : 4 year graduation course has been implemented in Bihar from 2023, in which admission has been taken in almost all the universities. The new syllabus for session 2023-27 which is based on CBCS (Choice Based Credit System)  of New Education Policy (NEP) 2020 has been released (This syllabus will be applicable for all the upcoming 4 years graduation session. Session 2024-28, 2025-29.. If ever any change is made in the syllabus then it will be updated). There will be a common syllabus for all the universities of Bihar like Patna University, Patliputra University, Lalit Narayan Mithila University, BRABU, etc.

All the universities have updated the link to download the syllabus for all the subjects of BA, BSC, BCom on their website. The pdf file that you will download from the link given below is taken from the official website of RAJ BHAVAN. If you are doing 4 year graduation from any university of Bihar then you can download this syllabus

In this Article you will be able to download the following syllabus :

  1. UG BA/BSC/BCOM Semester 1 Syllabus
  2. UG BA/BSC/BCOM Semester 2 Syllabus
  3. UG BA/BSC/BCOM Semester 3 Syllabus
  4. UG BA/BSC/BCOM Semester 4 Syllabus
  5. UG BA/BSC/BCOM Semester 5 Syllabus
  6. UG BA/BSC/BCOM Semester 6 Syllabus
  7. UG BA/BSC/BCOM Semester 7 Syllabus
  8. UG BA/BSC/BCOM Semester 8 Syllabus

Bihar Graduation (BA,BSC, BCOM) 2024 Syllabus

Bihar UG new Syllabus (CBCS)

There will be total 8 semesters in 4-year graduation (BA, BSc, BCom), however, even after 6 semesters i.e. 3 years, if someone wants to leave, he can leave. Syllabus for all semesters are available now, that is, now you can download semester 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 syllabus.

Since this is a 4-year undergraduate course and will run under the CBCS system, a semester exam will be conducted by the university every 6 months and an internal exam will be conducted in the college before each semester's exam. In such a situation, you have to read and practice the syllabus of your subject regularly.

👉(Semester 1 or 2 ka syllabus download karne ke liye yanha click kijiye) Click Here to Download Semester 1 and Semester 2 Syllabus 

"जिस सब्जेक्ट के सिलेबस आप डाउनलोड करेंगे उसमे आपको ग्रेजुएशन सेमेस्टर 3 से  सेमेस्टर 8  के सिलेबस मिलने। सिलेबस में आपको सब्जेक्ट/टॉपिक के अनुसार  कुछ बुक्स रिकमेन्डेशन भी मिलेंगे। सेमेस्टर 1 और 2 का स्य्ल्लब उस डाउनलोड करने का लिंक ऊपर दिया गया है | ( यह सिलेबस आने वाले सभी ४ साल के ग्रेजुएशन सेशन के लिए लागु होगा। सेशन २०२४-२८, २०२५-२९.. अगर कभी सिलेबस में कुछ  बदलाव किया गया तो उसे अपडेट कर दिया जायेगा ) "

Download Syllabus of  4 Years CBCS UG Course for all universities of Bihar 

  • The names and download links of all the subjects of Arts, Science and Commerce are given in the table below.
  • Syllabus of Semester 3 to 8 can be downloaded from the given link
  • can download direct pdf file
  • For all universities of Bihar where 4 year undergraduate course is applicable
  • CBCS (Choice Based Credit System) based syllabus, semester system syllabus in simple language
  • Applicable from 2023-24 (From session 2023-27 onwards)
  • If you face any problem in downloading then you can contact us on Instagram whose link you will find below

Sl. No.Subject Name    Download link
1B.Sc (Botany)Download
2B.Sc (Chemistry)Download
3B.Sc (Physics)Download
4B.Sc (Zoology)Download
5B.Com (Accounting and Finance)Download
6B.Com (HRM-Human Resource Management)Download
7B.Com (Marketing)Download
8B.A. (AIH-Ancient Indian History, Archaelogy and culture, Asian Studies)Download
9B.A. (Anthropology)Download
10B.A. (Arabic)Download
11B.A. (Bengali)Download
12B.A. (Bhojpuri)Download
13B.A. B.Sc. (Math)Download
14B.A. (Dramatics)Download
15B.A. (Economics)Download
16B.A. (English)Download
17B.A. (Geography)Download
18B.A. (Home Science)Download
19B.A. (Hindi)Download
20B.A. (History)Download
21B.A. (LSW)Download
22B.A. (Maithili)Download
23B.A. (Music)Download
24B.A. (Pali)Download
25B.A. (Persian)Download
26B.A. (Philosophy)Download
27B.A. (Political Science)Download
28B.A. (Prakrit and Jainology)Download
29B.A. (Psychology)Download
30B.A. (Rular Economics and Co-operative Management)Download
31B.A. (Sanskrit)Download
32B.A. (Sociology)Download
33B.A. (Statistics)Download
34B.A. (Urdu)Download

Course Details : Outline of CBCS System

It shall consists of following courses, Major Course (MJC)Minor Course (MIC)Multidisciplinary Course (MDC)Skill Enhancement Course (SEC)Value Added Course (VAC)Ability Enhancement Course (Course on Disaster Risk Management) (AEC), Internship (INT)Research Project (RP) / Dissertation .
  • Major Course (MJC): Major (MJC) courses are designed to impart students with the core concepts, principles and processes, and laboratory as well as instrumental skills in main branches. MJCs are a mandatory requirement for a student's program of study who wish to pursue an undergraduate degree. MJCs will be appropriately graded and arranged across the semesters of study, being undertaken by the student, with multiple entry and exit options as per UGC Curriculum. 
  • Minor Course (MIC) : The growth of specific subject in the past few decades have been tremendous and many new sub-disciplines have emerged. It is important that apart from the main branches of the subject, a study of these new branches is also included in the curriculum. The Minor Course (MIC) incorporates important emerging areas and a pool of credit courses from their own faculty are included out of which a student will choose to study, based on his/her interest from their own faculty. 
  • Multidisciplinary Course (MDC): Multi-Disciplinary Courses are a pool of courses offered by various disciplines of study which is meant to provide multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary education to students. Students may opt for · any three Multidisciplinary course out of a list of Multidisciplinary papers (Basket) offered by the parent department or any other departments as per his/her choice with the prior permission of the parent department. The list of Multidisciplinary papers, syllabus and prerequisite of the Multidisciplinary courses will be as decided by the Board of Studies (BOS) of the concerned subject /department / Academic Council. 
  • Skill Enhancement Course (SEC) : SEC are skill-based courses in all disciplines and are aimed at providing hands-on training, competencies, proficiency and skills to students. SEC courses may be chosen from a pool of courses designed to provide skill-based instruction. 
  • Value-Added Course (VAC) : This is a pool of courses offered by all the Departments in groups of odd and even semesters out of which a student can choose. VAC courses are the common pool of courses offered by different disciplines and aimed towards personality building, embedding ethical, cultural & constitutional values; promoting critical thinking, Indian Knowledge Systems, scientific temperament, communication skills, creative writing, presentation skills, sports & physical education and teamwork which will help in the all-round development of students. 
  • Ability Enhancement Course (AEC) : AEC courses are courses based upon the content that leads to knowledge enhancement through various areas of study. They are Language and Literature, Environmental Science and Sustainable Development which are mandatory for all disciplines. 

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