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The date of practical exam of 3rd year i.e. Part 3 of session 2021-24 of Lalit Narayan Mithila University Darbhanga has been released. You will get all the information about practical examination for degree part 3 BA and BSc students written below. You can also read below the answers to some of your questions like in which subjects there are practical exams or what all has to be written in the practical notebook and from where etc.

In this post you will get the practical subject syllabus of Lalit Narayan Mithila University Darbhanga B.A/B.SC Part 3 and also some information which will be useful for you. The download link of the pdf file of the syllabus is also given below.

"LNMU पार्ट 3 प्रैक्टिकल एग्जाम 2024 : ललित नारायण मिथिला विश्वविद्यालय दरभंगा ने स्नातक तृत्य खण्ड सत्र 2021-24 का प्रायोगिक परीक्षा की तिथि जारी कर दी है। 

जारी किये गए नोटिस के अनुसार प्रायोगिक परीक्षा 18 अप्रैल से शुरू होगी। "


Part 3 practical exam date

Part 3 practical syllabus

B.A Part 3 Practical Syllabus

B.SC Part 3 Practical Syllabus

lnmu part 3 practical exam 2024

LNMU Part 3 Practical exam 

According to the notice issued by the Mithila university, the practical examination of Part 3 session 2021-24 will be held from 18 April to 25 April 2024. Final year theory exam ends on 10th April. You can understand the information given in the official notice of the university with the help of the notices and points given below.
  • Subject wise practical exam date, notice will be issued by your college
  • You will find below the practical exam syllabus for all subjects of B.A and B.SC.
  • What to write in the copy and how, from where to write, all the information is given below.

Practical exam date 2024

  • Start : 18.04.2024
  • Ends : 25.04.2024

Exam center

  • In your own college (home center)
Note : If there are less than 20 students in your subject in your college, then a separate exam center has been made for them, which you can see in the notice below.
If you do not understand, then you must read the notice of practical exam issued by your college.
For more information, you can message on Telegram, Facebook, Instagram of LNMU Notes

part 3 practical exam official notice lnmu drabhanga

How many questions to write in practical copy?

  • In a Practical Notebook you have to write 4-5 questions and answers.

Which questions to write in practical copy?

  • Syllabus is given below, you can write any questions by looking at the syllabus of your subject (or you can talk to your subject teacher if the syllabus is not available).

From where to write practical questions?

  • You can buy the practical book of your subject from the shop, or you can also write the practical syllabus of your subject from the internet. 

Use the one you find easier from the options given below:
First of all you have to download the syllabus because you will get the questions in it (download link is given below)
  • If you have practical book then use it
  • If your college has a library, you can borrow books from the library.
  • If there is a library in your friend's college, then you can take the help of your friend.
  • You can also write your answer by searching your question on the internet (Google/Youtube etc.)

LNMU Part 3 Practical syllabus

B.A Part 3 Practical Syllabus 

The subjects of arts in which there are practicals are:
  1. Psychology 
  2. Home Science 
  3. Geography
  4. Music
  5. Sociology (In the practical of sociology, you have to prepare a report/essay/assignment whose information you can get from the college.)

Download link 

There is a practical exam in all the subjects mentioned above, for which you have to prepare 2 copies. Click on the link below to download the syllabus.
File Name : LNMU B.A Part 3 Practical Syllabus

B.SC Part 3 Practical Syllabus

1. BSc Part 3 Physics Honors Practical Exam Syllabus
2. BSc Part 3 Chemistry Honors Practical Exam Syllabus
3. B.Sc Part 3 Zoology Honors Practical Exam Syllabus
4. B.Sc Part 3 Botany Honors Practical Exam Syllabus
5. BSc Part 3 Physics General/Pass Course Practical Exam Syllabus
6. B.Sc Part 3 Chemistry General/Pass Course Practical Exam Syllabus
7. BSc Part 3 Zoology General/Pass Course Practical Exam Syllabus
8. B.Sc Part 3 Botany General/Pass Course Practical Exam Syllabus
All download links are given below:

Download link - 

You can download the syllabus of all the subjects mentioned above by clicking on "Download Now" below.
File Type : PDF 
File Name - LNMU B.SC Part 3 Practical Syllabus
File Size : 3.7 Mb

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