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Physics Book Pdf Download 

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BOOK Name Download Link
● Classical mechanics by jc upadhyaya Download link
● Classical mechanics by Goldstein Download link
● Quantum mechanics by hc verma Download link
● Quantum mechanics concept and Application by N. zettill Download link
● Quantum field theory by Ashok Das Available soon..
● Introduction to quantum mechanics by David j Griffith Download link
● Introduction to electrodynamics by David j Griffith Download link
● Electronic device and circuit theory by L Boylestad and Louis Nashelsky Download link
● Digital principal and Application by Malvino | Leach and saha Download link
● Fundamental of Molecular spectroscopy by Cn Banwell Download link
● Statistical mechanics by Rk pathria Download link
● Solid state physics for Electronic by Andre moliton Available Soon..
● Solid state physics by Rk puri Vk Babbar Download link
● Nuclear Physics - TayalDownload link

● Thermal physics by Garg Bansal and Ghosh Download link
● Introduction to solid state physics by Charles kittel Available soon..
● Solid state physics by Wahab Download link
● Solid state physics by ASHCROFT | MERMINAvailable soon.
● Classical Electrodynamics by JacksonAvailable soon.
● Fundamental of physics by Halliday Available soon.
● Heat and thermodynamics by mark Waldo | zemansk Richard | dittmanAvailable soon.
● Electronics principal by malvinoAvailable soon.
● Optics by Ajoy ghatak Download link
● Waves physics by BerkeleyAvailable soon.
● Isaac Newton PrincipiaAvailable soon.
● Introductory nuclear physics by Emailing krane Download link
Waves physics by Maxwell Available soon.
● Quantum mechanics by L.D. Landu | E.M. Lifshitz Available soon.
● Physics of atoms and molecules by B.H. Bransden Download link
● Fluid mechanics Available soon.

● Electricity and Magnetism by Yarwood Download link
● Electrodynamics of continuous media by L.D. Landu | E.M. LifshitzAvailable soon.
● Stastical physics by L.D. Landu | E.M. Lifshitz Available soon.
● Relativistic quantum mechanics theory by L.D. Landu | E.M. LifshitzAvailable soon.
● Electro-magnetic theory by Emailing DK Ghosh Available soon.
● Mechanics by Murray | R. Spiegel Available soon.
● Principal of quantum mechanics by R shankar Download link
● Treaties on thermodynamics by Dr. Max plank Available soon.
● Thermodynamics by kittle Available soon.
● Advanced engineering mathematics by Erwin Kresgiz Download link
● An introduction to Mechanics by Kleppner Download link
● Mathematical method for physics and engineering by K.F. Riley | M.P. Hobson | S.J. Bence Download link
● Integrated electronics by Millman Halkias Available soon.
● Classical Mechanics by David Morrin Download link
● Waves and oscillation by Nk bajaj Available soon.
● Nuclear physics by GriffithAvailable soon.
● Stastical physics Available soon.

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