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Hello friends, in this page you will get the link to download the notes of B.A Maithili, these notes are for the students of BA whether you are students of Honours Subject or pass course. ..

LNMU Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 Maithili Notes Download
BA Maithili Notes

About BA Maithili Notes 

First of all, let us tell you that these notes can be downloaded by the students of any college of Lalit Narayan Mithila University, Darbhanga. Students of Part 1, Part 2 or Part 3 of B.A (Bachelor of Arts) Maithili  can download this notes, whether Maithili is your honors subject or  pass course or subsidiary subject.

These notes have been uploaded on the website of some colleges of Mithila University, but students have problems in downloading and many times they do not get from where to download. That is why we have provided the direct download links of some notes in this page so that you can easily download the notes.

Some important things before downloading notes

First of all, you have to download your syllabus, before downloading the notes, it is very important for you to know the syllabus of your subject.
After going through the syllabus, our advice would be that you should also check the question papers of the last 3-4 years so that you can easily understand.
After seeing all this, you will get to know how and at what level you have to prepare. However, after going through the syllabus, you will be better prepared for yourself and these notes can help to some extent in that preparation. Do not completely depend on these notes.

How to Download Maithili Notes

Downloading Notes is very easy:
  1. First you have to find the topic which you want to download.
  2. After that click on that topic
  3. Press and hold on the topic for a while until a menu appears
  4. After the menu appears, click on "open in new tab"

If the direct download is not happening after clicking on the topic, then do this: 

B.A Maithili Notes Download Links 

You can download the notes of any college, all have the same syllabus.
  • Watch this 👇Video Before Downloading Notes

Note : 
  • DG-I, D-I, DEG-I, DEGREE-I means PART -1 or First Year 
  • DG-II, D-II, DEG-II, DEGREE-II means PART -2 or Second Year 
  • DG-III, D-III, DEG-III, DEGREE-III means PART -3 or Third Year
  • H, Hons, means Honours Subject
  • S, Subs. means Subsidiary Subject

1MaithiliKavya Kekra Kahi ?
4Maithili (H) D-IPrithviputra Namkarna
5Maithili (H) D-II Paper IVMaithili (H) D-II Paper IV
6Maithili (H) D-II Paper IVMaithili (H) D-II Paper IV
7Maithili (H) D-II Paper IVMaithili (H) D-II Paper IV
8Maithili (H) D-I Paper IIMaithili (H) D-I Paper II
9Maithili (H)Maithili
10Maithili (H)Maithili
11Maithili (H)Maithili
12Maithili (H)Maithili
13Maithili (H)Maithili
16DG I (H) Paper Iअमृतकर
17DEG - I (H) Paper Iगजसिंह
18D-II (H) Paper- IIIआदन-प्रदान
19DEG - II (H) Paper- IVभाषाक परिभाषा
20DEG - II (H) Paper - IVमैथिलीक विभिन्न बोली
21Deg - II (H) Paper- IVभाषाक परिभाषा
22DEG - I (H) Paper - Iदसावधान
23DEG - II (H) Paper- IVमैथिली एवम बंगला
24DEG - II (H) Paper- IVमैथिली और भोजपुरी
25DEG - II (H) Paper- IVमैथिली एवम उरिया
26DEG - II (H) Paper- IVमैथिली और असमिया
27Degree 2 Paper 4मैथिली एवं मगही
28DEG - II (SUB)खोंता जा चिरै
29DEG - II (H) Paper- III & MBराष्ट्रीय एकता महत्व
30DEG - II (SUB)मिथिला नाटक
31DEG - II (H) Paper- IVपारिजात हरनाक आधार पर सत्यभामाक चरित्र चित्रण
32DEG - II (H) Paper- IIIआदान - प्रदान
34DEG - I (SUB)युवक शिर्शक कविताक आशय अथवा भाव
35Degree 1, SUB.युवक शीर्षक कविता आशय अथवा भाव
36Degree 2, Paper 4मैथिलि एवं भोजपुरी
37Degree 2, H Paper 4पारिजात हरनक आधार पर सत्यभामक चरित्र चित्रण
38Degree 2, Paper 4Mithilak Bhashak
39Degree 1, Paper 2पृथ्वी पुत्र नामकरण
40Degree 2, H Paper 3आदान - प्रदान
41Degree 1, Paper 1Govind Das

B.A Part 2 Maithili (sub)(30.04.2021)
B.A Part 2 Maithili( Sub)(29.04.2021)
B.A Part 1 Maithili Hons(28.04.2021)
B.A Part 1 Maithili Hons(24.07.2021)
B.A Part 1 Maithili Hons(27.04.2021)
B.A Part1 Maithili (hons )04-26-2021(26.04.2021)
B.A Part2 Maithili ( Sub)04-19-2021(19.04.2021)
B.A Part2 Maithili (sub)100 Marks 04-17-2021(17.04.2021)
B.A Part 2 Maithili (sub) 100 Marks 04-16-2021 07.53.pdf(16.01.2021)
B.A Part 1 Maithili (Hons)04-15-2021 08.38.pdf(15.04.2021)
B.A Part1( Hons)(13.04.2021)
B.A Part 1& 2 Maithili ( Sub)(22.09.2020)
B.A Part 2( Sub )maithili(14.09.2020)
B.A Part 2 Hons(11.09.2020)
B.A Part 1maithili 50 Marks(27.08.2020)
B.A Party Maithili ( Sub) 50 Marks(25.08.2020)
B.A Part 2 Maithili Hons(24.08.2020)
B.A Party Maithili Hons(21.08.2020)
B.A Part 2 Maithili Hons(20.08.2020)
B.A Part 2 Maithili Hons(19.08.2020)
B.A Part 2 Maithili Hons(19.08.2020)
B.A Part 1 Maithili Hons(17.08.2020)
B.A Part 2 Maithili (hons)(14.08.2020)
B.A Part 1 Maithili Hons(13.08.2020)
B.A Part1&2 Maithili (Hons)(10.08.2020)

B.A Part 1 Maithili (sub)(08.08.2020)
B.A Part 2 Maithili (sub)(07.08.2020)
B.A Part 1 Maithili (sub)100 Marks(06.08.2020)
B.A. Part || Maithili Hons(05.08.2020)
Relation Beetween Maithi & Bhujpuri(04.07.2020)
B.A Maithili Hons( तिरहुत लिपि)(02.07.2020)
B.A Part 1 Maithili Hons 06-08-2020 Inbox
B.A Part 1 Maithili ( Hons )(28.05.2020)
B.A Part 1& 2 Maithili( Hons& Sub)(23.05.2020)
B.A Part1&2 Maithili (50&100)(20.05.2020)
B.A Part 1 Maithili (50&100 Marks)05-19-2020(19.05.2020)
B.A Part 1 & 2 ( Hons & Sub)(15.05.2020)
B. A Part&2 Maithili(13.05.2020)
.A Part1maithili (100 +50) Marks(12.05.2020)
B.A Part 1 Maithili (hons)(11-05-2020)
B.A Part 1 Maithili ( Hons)पतन 3rd(06.05.2020)
BA Part 1 Maithili (hons ) पतन Lesson 2nd(05.05.2020)
B .A. Part 1 Maithili (hons)(05.05.2020)
B.A Part1 Maithili (hons)(04.05.2020)
B.A. Part 1maithili( Sub)(04.05.2020)
B.A Part1 Maithili Alankar 3 Part(01.05.2020)
B.A Part1 Maithili (sub)alankar(29.04.2020)
B.A.part1 Maithili (sub)(22.04.2020)
B.A. Part Maithili ( 50marks)(20.04.2020)
BA -I (Hons)(17.04.2020)

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