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Hello Beautiful Peoples (Chosen by the Universe to Study the Universe) Welcome to our small blog. Being an Indian Physics student, I also needed notes at my time but I never got Handwritten Physics Notes in the proper way. Took a lot of help from YouTube and Google and also took help from my college library. Finally, I prepared almost all the notes of Graduation Physics and after completion of graduation, I thought that India is full of students like me, why not help some friends.

So I appeared with my B.Sc Physics notes and started uploading the PDF file. Currently, it has started from 1st semester and gradually all the topics will be uploaded.

Happy learning.

Semester 1 BSC Physics Notes 

In the 1st semester of Graduation Physics in our university, there are topics of Classical Mechanics, Mathematical Physics and some Relativity, that is why you will get to see the notes of these subjects/topics only in this post. In future, when the notes of remaining semesters will be uploaded, all the graduation physics topics will be covered.

Introduction to classical mechanics includes topics such as:

Inertial and Non-Inertial Frame of Reference, Rotating frame of Reference, Centrifugal and Coriolis Forces with their applications (Effect on value of 'g'. On path of freely falling body, Geo-physical effect); Foucault pendulum. Direct proof of rotation of Earth.
Lab frame & Center of Mass frame, Two dimensional collision in physical problems. Relation connecting Scattering angle, Recoil angle, final velocities in C-frame & L-frame. Cross section & Rutherford scattering, Central forces and their equations,: General Equation
of central orbit, Kepler's law of Planetary motion, Artificial satellite.

Introduction to Mathematical Physics topics like:

Differential calculus: Geometric Meaning of derivative: Maxima & Minima: Approximation of derivative; Partial Differentiation, Approximation using Taylor and Binomial series.
Integral Calculus: Geometric Meaning of integration, order and degree of differential equation, Solution of First order (homogeneous & Non-homogeneous), Integrating Factor, Exact and Inexact Differentials. D-operator & Solution of Second order Differential Equation.
Vector Triple Products & their significance; concept of scalar & vector fields, Gradient of scalar, Divergence & Curl of vectors and their physical applications in Physics ( e.g. Equation of continuity, Euler's equation of motion, Bernoulli's theorem, Fourier heat flow. Poisson's and Laplace's equation in a gravitational field, Gauss's law of in Electrostatic, etc.).

Basic Topics of Special Theory Of Relativity.

bsc physics notes

For whom are these notes beneficial?

We have prepared these notes according to the syllabus of B.Sc Physics (4 year course) of Bihar, for all the universities in Bihar like Patna University, Lalit Narayan Mithila University, Magadh University, Bhim Rao Ambedkar Bihar University, Patliputra University etc. Will be useful.
If you are from any other university and these topics are  mentioned in your syllabus, then you can take help from these notes and prepare for your B.Sc Physics university exam.

Classical Mechanics PDF Notes Download Link

Topic PDF link Youtube Video
Frame of Reference, Inertial and non-inertial frame of reference (reference frame) Download Watch Video
Galilean Transformation equation Download  Watch Video
Fictitious or pseudo force : explanation and derivation Download  Watch Video
Fictitious force : reference frame with translational acceleration Download "
Example of Fictitious force : lift moving relative to the ground Download Watch video
Centrifugal and centripetal force Download  Watch video
Uniformly rotating frame: expression for coriolis force and centrifugal force Download  watch video 
Effect of centrifugal force due to earth's rotation (effect on 'g')  Download  Watch video
Effect of coriolis force : freely falling body on earth's surface Download  Watch video
Horizontal and vertical component of coriolis force  Download  Watch video
Coriolis force : geophysical effect, application Download Watch video
More topics  Coming ... Sooon ,,

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