Guest Teacher Selection and Posting Notification 2021 LNMU Darbhanga

LNMU Darbhanga has released the notification for Selection and posting of the Guest Teacher 2021.

• As the first university of Bihar, Lalit Narayan Mithila University issued notification of posting of 624 guest teachers. The newly selected guest teachers will do all the work of the college with full capacity and ability, as well as full cooperation - Vice Chancellor. 

The names of 234 women teachers have also been included in the list published by the university on 10 JULY 2022.

LNMU Guest/Part-time teacher 2021 notification for Selection and posting
LNMU Guest Teacher 2021

LNMU Guest Teacher Selection and Posting 

As the first university of Bihar, by order of Vice Chancellor of Lalit Narayan Mithila University, Darbhanga, Professor Surendra Pratap Singh, notification of posting of total 624 new guest teachers against the vacant posts of various colleges and postgraduate music and drama department of the university Registrar Professor Mushtaq Ahmed Issued by today. The merit list for the appointment of guest teachers has been done as per the reservation provision of the Bihar government.

Posted in College

On the basis of the address given by the candidates for the appointment of teachers, keeping in mind the availability of posts in the nearest colleges, every effort has been made to place them as far as possible. Along with this, care has also been taken that the number of teachers in any subject of any college should not remain zero, but there must be at least one teacher in each department. At the same time, teachers have been posted in Government Degree College, Benipur, Darbhanga as per the availability of posts in all subjects.

Number Of Guest Teacher Selected/Posted

According to the released notification, 

57 in Chemistry, 41 in Commerce, 31 in Economics, 61 in English, 25 in Geography, 30 in Hindi, 44 in History, 08 in Home Science, 14 in Maithili, 46 in Mathematics, Music and Drama. 03, 10 in Philosophy, 59 in Physics, 45 in Political Science, 43 in Psychology, 24 in Sanskrit, 23 in Sociology, 11 in Urdu and 49 in Animal Science A total of 624 guest teachers have been posted, including 15 in Chemistry. , 14 in Commerce, 10 in Economics, 28 in English, 12 in Geography, 12 in Hindi, 16 in History, 08 in Home Science, 05 in Maithili, 05 in Mathematics, 03 in Music and Drama, 04 in Philosophy, 04 in Physics The names of total 234 female guest teachers including 12, 17 in Political Science, 30 in Psychology, 09 in Sanskrit, 10 in Sociology, 05 in Urdu and 19 in Animal Science are also included.

On the other hand, after receiving the order of the High Court in Botany, notification of posting of selected guest teachers will be issued, while in Persian, on the basis of the recommendation of BPSC, Patna and Bihar State University Service Commission, Patna, due to non-availability of post. Due to this, appointment of guest teachers could not be done.

It is to be known that the advertisement for the appointment of these guest / part-time teachers was issued by the university in 2021. In the light of the recommendations made by the selection committee for the appointment of such teachers, the notification has been issued on the basis of the merit list prepared by the high level committee constituted by the university.

In order to conduct this entire process of appointment of guest teachers with clean and complete transparency, Vice Chancellor Professor SP Singh, despite all his busyness, took special interest from the very beginning and also kept on surveying it continuously.

 Registrar Prof Mushtaq Ahmed also took special interest in this process. Due to these efforts, such a huge and complex process of appointment has been successfully completed today in a completely dispute-free manner.

On this occasion, the Vice Chancellor said that the newly selected guest teachers will make full contribution in their college not only in studies but also in all other works with their full potential and ability. On the other hand, the Registrar said that all the selected teachers are energetic and young, which will benefit the students as well as the NAAC grading of the college.

Vice Chancellor Professor S P Singh and Registrar Professor Mushtaq Ahmed thanked all the teachers and non-teaching staff who had cooperated in this selection process from the beginning till now and completed this work with utmost sincerity with complete purity and cleanliness. Giving thanks, he said that due to the cooperation of these people, such a huge educational yagya has been completed, whose benefits will continue to be available to the students of Mithilanchal.

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LNMU_GT-2021- Selection & Posting Notification

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